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We Help Physicians
Care For Patients.

We are the leading provider of patient interviewing technology.


Our vision is to become an indispensable part of the way patients and physicians communicate.

Our solutions are used by thousand of physicians each day to facilitate physician-patient communication in a variety of practice settings.


Our software has been recognized by vendor associations, consultants, and industry peers as an invaluable component of the future of healthcare.


Instant Medical History interviews patients to begin gathering the subjective history prior to the encounter. Branching logic enables patients to progress quickly through adjustable questionnaires from an extensive medical knowledgebase. Sophisticated technology enables this information to transfer to EMRs or print-outs for the chart.


Physician productivity increases because as much as sixty percent of the medical data necessary to complete the visit note can be provided by patients and automatically documented in medical terminology through the Internet, in exam rooms, or in waiting areas before the encounter.


Designed by physicians for use in the office and in online consultations, the knowledge base contains questionnaires for more than six thousand distinct patient complaints.

The first knowledge base was prototyped in 1989. It later made its first public appearance at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians in 1991.


Today, the proprietary engine, proven in millions of monthly patient visits, poses questions directly to patients that are followed up as necessary with increasingly more specific questions.


Since we recognize that a clinical diagnosis is an expert process only for physicians, our products are designed to aid physicians by conducting the finest patient interviews possible in order to facilitate point-of-care documentation and improve healthcare, one encounter at a time.

Contact us, the leading provider of patient interview technology.

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