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We are the leading provider of patient interview technology.
We save physicians 3 minutes per encounter & reduce EHR clicks by 31%

“Net professional charges are up 16%, patient times in the office have dropped 16 minutes, and I'm getting 400% more charts completed during course of the day.”

Dr. Robert Thomen, Ashley Clinic, GE Productivity Award Winner

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WHO We Help with Medical History



Patients quickly progress through adjustable questionnaires from an extensive knowledgebase of thousands of presenting symptoms. The responses are organized, codified, and passed to the Electronic Health Record.



LSU and the University of Wisconsin have both published studies indicating that almost 90% of patients want to complete Instant Medical History. We'll help you organize your symptoms and prepare to get the most from your precious time with the physicians.



EMRs that use Instant Medical History enable physicians to increase their productivity while obtaining the benefits of the EHR. Physicians manage the subjective history, without having to use templates, pick lists, or cumbersome data entry.



We Accelerate Your EHR

Enabling patients to enter the data that populates subjective portions of the medical record makes the encounter time more efficient.  Both the patient and the doctor are focused on the health concerns at the start of the encounter, creating strong physician-patient relationships.

With this information in advance, physicians can quickly review the information and conduct a more efficient and informed patient interview,

reducing the patient office visit time by 3-4 minutes while increasing the completeness of the documentation.


WHAT We Offer

Instant Medical History

Instant Medical History is patient interview software that organizes patient concerns and enables physicians to manage patient encounters more efficiently while improving charting automatically.

Customizable API

Primetime’s technology provides a question and answer engine that can be integrated into an application.  The knowledge base performs sophisticated branching encapsulated within an application programming interface that allows rapid and easy implementation of unique user interfaces. 

Enhancing EHRs & EVisits

Instant Medical History software can be integrated with any electronic medical record system. Our interview software enables patients to enter their own information into digital systems, saving physicians from the bulk of data entry.

IMH International

We'll start with our expertise, and consult with your local resources to adapt to local practices and customs.  Instant Medical History has current installations in Sweden, India, Jamaica, Qatar, and the United Kingdom. The questionnaires are UTF-8 encoded for display across the world. 

RETURN On Investment

Instant Medical History has a powerful impact on the economics of a practice. Seeing more patients, reducing expenses, and coding appropriately

all contribute dramatically to the profitability of physicians.


“Instant Medical History is

the best available system”

Dr. John Bachman, Author and Mayo Faculty


When patients use IMH to enter their own medical history, the documentation is completed for the subjective note before the exam begins. 

4 minutes saved in documentation time per patient X 25 patients per day results in 100 minutes saved.

At 4 days worked per week per physician this would be 24 visits per week, or about 100 extra visits per month

At 15 minutes per appointment, this would increase productivity

by 6 visits per day. 

Using IMH, the physician can spend more time seeing patients. At $50 per visit,

the net increase would be $5000 per month per physician.

Contact us, the leading provider of patient interview technology.

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